Film making has always been a part of my culture. I made many short films and animation movies as a student, but after joining Renault, many opportunities to produce and direct films arose.

+ ZOE APP TRAILER@Renault 2013
For Renault Zoe app communication, we produce a short film to show features and  to engage users.
Making this film for a digital experience was pretty exciting. From the script to the storyboard, we exchanged many ideas to improve the result. The difficulty was to cross interactivity needs, post production car incrustation and multiple scenarios. What impressed me was the incredible proximity between…
+ Night on Rungis@Renault 2011
When Laurens van den Acker [Renault Design director] asked us to bring and shoot the Frendzy concept car to Rungis European market place, I proposed to do more than merely having a mass of photographers shooting the scene. We organised a tilt shift production on the one hand and time lapse capture on the other hand.
+ Creative community@Renault 2010
After Laurens van den Acker’s appointment to Renault Design headquarters, he asked for strong internal communication facilities to mobilise staff around his new design strategy and organization. To enhance Renault Design trades activities, I proposed a 2-minute stop motion film presenting these via a concept car production concept.
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